Interview with Mallary Johnson for InLiquid Art + Design

Mallary Johnson,  Re-Collect III.  Plant extracts on woven paper   34 3/4 × 27 1/2 in

Mallary Johnson, Re-Collect III. Plant extracts on woven paper
34 3/4 × 27 1/2 in

I interviewed artist Mallary Johnson about time, nature, and her unique approach to landscape art:

"AN: I imagine you have to reevaluate certain concepts we take as givens: landscape, for example.

MJ: Landscape, to me, is a synthesis of elements, processes, place and time...the shifting geophysical and cultural processes acting upon them that alter their makeup over time. I draw inspiration equally from both the processes and effects.

Website created


Today is the day I got my act together and put up this website. Here you will be able to follow any announcements I may make regarding my work and reach out and contact me if need be. 

Welcome, willkommen, salut, benvenuto, добро просимо, أهلا بك, hi, hello.

-A N